MTV No Angel of the North

Some people have asked us whether MTV’s latest part scripted – but heavily edited – reality TV show will ‘help to put the Valleys on the map’. So we thought we’d ask some friends in Newcastle to give us their take on what happened when MTV pitched up in their community.

Two students and proud Geordies, Amber and Thomas sent us this quick message:

“Its embarrassing to have someone hear your accent and immediately assume you’re exactly the same as them. “is it really like geordie shore?!” They give off a bad representation with the way they behave as if everyone in Newcastle acts that way, when they do not.

“The show promotes; dramatic squabbling, vicious gossiping, and violence in public. As well as, drunk and disorderly conduct. Would you like to visit a place where the locals resemble this description? Furthermore Newcastle has a reputation for being an excellent night out, having it tarnished by clowns acting out for a camera, only serves to embarras local business.”

Big thanks to Amber and Thomas for giving their side of the story.

A quick Google search shows that plenty of Newcastle folk agree. The Facebook page ‘RIP Geordie Pride’ even clocked up 30,000 supporters!








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