The Valleys are On-air

Those of you who set the dial to BBC Radio Wales at breakfast or in the car might just have caught the dulcet tones of Alex from the campaign today on Good Moring Wales.

The BBC wanted to find out more about the campaign and see if we could spill any more gossip on MTV’s plans.  So it was a great chance to tell listeners how we are planning to use this website to promote the things that make the Valleys such a special place.

As the campaign grows and we move closer to the MTV show going live there are more and more people who want to know about ‘The Valleys are Here’. 

We are planning to use this interest to celebrate the things in the Valleys that make us proud. So please get in touch and let us know the people, businesses or projects you would like us to shout about next time the media come calling.

For those who missed the show (including the lucky ones enjoying a post-bank holiday lie-in) you can listen again on BBC iPlayer here.


2 thoughts on “The Valleys are On-air

  1. There are many positive things to say about the valleys. I was raised in Pontymister, the lower end of the western valley. I was encouraged to join the local brass band.It was a great environment to grow up(I no longer play) Check out the young people,and people working with young people involved in the local band. I am also aware that some excellent work is being undertaken with junior golf. Check out Pontypridd Golf Club and I beleive there was a golf coach from the Rhondda who won a national award for coaching young golfers.
    What great ambassadors for Wales were ‘Only boys aloud’ Sadly, I have to confess having something in common with Simon Cowell, I also couldn’t understand what they were singing, but it was absolutely fantastic!
    Good luck from a reluctant ‘Townie’ (Newport)

  2. The briefing on the MTV website regarding the programme shows how they are going to ridicule the Welsh…might as well accuse us of living in mountain shacks with no electric. Don’t they realise that we have good transport links and easy access to the city…Many ‘Valleys’ people work in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport!

    We already face stereotypes in Wales with tv and film portraying us as the daft or not quite fullyfunctioning (Notting Hill and My Family)- surely it’s time to give us a break and promote what’s good? What about the brilliant dance schools that we have in Caerphilly Borough- British Champion dancers who work hard to achieve gold at competitions. These young people are what we should be celebrating. Every year they travel to Blackpool to compete in the British open competition when it might as well be held in South Wales with the majority of the placing teams being from this area. If you want to promtoe our communities speak to those dance schools.

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