90% Constructed, 10% Reality

So after a big old fanfare MTV have finally announced the line up for their new show ‘The Valleys’ and they have chucked some serious PR cash at it.

They promised a “HUGE announcement” yesterday, so when we saw the story in a few papers today we thought we must have missed something. Hardly a big shock that a reality TV programme announces 9 housemates, Big Brother started that over a decade ago.

Although we were a bit surprised that MTV didn’t even bother to find out where the Valleys are before casting. They’ve got people from Swansea, Bridgend and Port Talbot – all lovely places, but sorry guys it just ain’t the Valleys.

And then there’s the sheep, which MTV have decided to use as a logo for the show – what a genius creative idea.  Now we don’t mind laughing at ourselves and yes, you hear the odd sheep joke in the Valleys – but talk about a boring stereotype. 

As for the cast, we’ve said all along that we don’t have a problem with the people taking part. In fact we wrote a message to them on the site explaining that.  But we are really annoyed at the way MTV are lazily doing the Valleys down – we knew that the show was going to be ‘constructed reality’, but it looks like its been cut up as 90% constructed and just 10% reality.

MTV said the show would be “fun…warm, authentic, familiar and genuine”. It’s already obvious that this is not what’s happening. Instead we’ve got a cheap shot at a place we’re actually proud of. All the more reason for us to keep on keepin’ on!


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