Murphy’s Message for MTV

We are chuffed to see an article this morning from Torfaen born and bred MP, Paul Murphy who is lending his full support to ‘The Valleys are Here’ campaign.

In a piece for the South Wales Argus, Paul heaped some serious praise on the campaign, saying “I am delighted to support the campaign The Valleys are Here. It offers an authentic picture, revealing the everyday humanity, passion and beauty that make up life in our Valleys”.

Obviously it’s a massive compliment – but actually we know the kind words are for the great people we’ve been lucky enough to feature – like RCT people First, TIMTO and Big Click RCT.

Such strong backing from Paul makes us genuinely proud because he represents a great tradition and a genuine Valleys story. Born into a typical family (his father was a miner, originally from Ireland) he has always lived in the Valleys, apart from the time he spent at Oxford Uni.  Paul went on to teach at Ebbw Vale College for 17 years and in 1987 was elected to represent Torfaen in Parliament.  Since then, he has played a huge role in helping to bring peace to Northern Ireland as a government Minister and also served twice as Secretary of State for Wales.

Of course Paul is just one example of someone from the Valleys excelling in life. Author Rachel Trezise has shown us what this campaign means to her with the brilliant and exclusive essay ‘How Green is MTV?’. Basically, we are open to people from all walks of life joining our efforts to show a full picture of the place.  That’s why it’s been great to see messages of support piling in from people of all ages, with interests from sport and music to charity and stand-up comedy.

MTV have patronisingly talked down to people from the Valleys throughout the hard sell of their new show, just so they can make a few more quid selling adverts before packing up. They even went as far as suggesting we don’t know our way to Cardiff – come off it! So it’s great for us to get the backing of someone from the Valleys who has made a fantastic contribution to British life, yet again busting those stupid myths about people from here.

Why not check out the article in full – it includes an epic quote from Valleys hero, and NHS founder, Nye Bevan too.

Even better, if you agree, why not write to your local paper, explaining why this campaign matters. If you want some pointers or tips, we’d be more than happy to help and you can let us know via the website or email us directly at:


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