Moving to Our Own Beat

We realise that MTV have moved away from proper music content these days and are instead fumbling about in the murky world of “constructed reality” TV.  So once again we thought The Valleys are Here campaign should step in and lend them a helping hand. 

That’s why we’re sharing this little gem before featuring more on some exciting new music from the Valleys:

Our first offering comes from Pontypridd’s Peasant’s King. As soon as we saw them we knew we had to get something up on the site asap!  The song’s great and we love the precarious video, shot by SSP Media. SSP pointed us at this by the way, so a big thanks to them!

If there are bands or any other arty goings on tickling your fancy, let us know and they may just get a plug as well!

You can look up Peasant’s King in all the usual places – Twitter: @peasantskings / @SSPmedia_ Facebook:  and /

Enjoy and get sharing!!!


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