Cardiff… filmed by the Valleys

We wanted to share this video with you because its yet another example of the talent we are working with to create The Valleys Are Here – The Film as part of this growing campaign.

You will never see this kind of stuff from MTV because it doesn’t fit the story they wrote before leaving their Camden offices. There is a simple and awkward reason why it doesn’t fit for them. Rob Matthews is a Cardiff photographer who came to Valleys film maker Rhodri Carter for this professional profile of his work.

Rhodri, 20 is from Caerphilly and like so many from the Valleys, he is proving that these boring MTV stereotypes are brimming with patronising ignorance. Our campaign is fuelled by people from across the Valleys, proving MTV wrong on a daily basis. Our logo was created by a Porth designer, our exclusive essay came from a Rhondda author and everything you read here is by people who are proud to come from the Valleys.

This is why we are chuffed to have Carter Media, SSP Media and KeyMotion Media on board to make the film. All from the Valleys – all proving MTV wrong.


2 thoughts on “Cardiff… filmed by the Valleys

  1. And the producer on this’s most recent video is? (

    This web sight is an absolute joke made to try and gain a bit of money and promote one charity and anything else you chose. You’re worse than MTV, you know why? Because they don’t hide behind a charity when they’re out to get money and get talked about. The only people who will sign this are people who already hate the show without seeing it and would sign anything against it, but I’m sure you already know that.

    • You know what, don’t publish that, I apologies for wasting your time but I can’t be bothered with the hassle from this.

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