MTV “playing on crass and over-simplified stereotypes”

Believe it or not MTV decided not to invite anyone from the Valleys are Here campaign to their glitzy preview screening of ‘The Valleys’ at a West End hotel – funny that.

But from what we read in Media Wales, it doesn’t seem like there were any shocks in store. 

True to form MTV didn’t bother doing anything in the Valleys – we don’t think half of the people involved in the show have ever been here.  Instead they decided to throw some cash at a preview screening, nice and close to their Camden offices.

And from what we’ve heard it seems that all of the concerns raised by people like Charlotte Church, Rachel Trezise and Paul Murphy MP have come true.  One of the journalists who was there said the show was “playing on crass and over-simplified stereotypes” and “need(s) to be watch(ed) through your hands”.

In a particularly charming moment – one of the show’s “Mentors” Jordan said “I was expecting some diamonds in the rough, but I had forgotten how rough the Valleys is” – so much for MTV’s claims that the show would be “warm” and “authentic”. 

Jordan also said “This is their (the Valleys cast’s) chance to prove they are not typical Valleys kids”, which begs the question – what’s wrong with Valleys Kids Jordan?!

But you know what – we’ve said all along that this campaign is all about loads of typical Valleys kids saying we’re proud of where we are from and showing people why.  Just like the typical kids from Newcastle, Essex and Liverpool we’ve heard from, we’re fed up of boring cliches and stereotypes being rolled out just so arrogant media execs can make a quick buck. 

So have a nose around our site and see what the Valleys is really all about…

…then get on Twitter or Facebook and tell MTV what you think.


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