Are you fed up of the seemingly endless stream of ‘reality’ TV using twisted stereotypes of areas like Essex (TOWIE), Liverpool (Desperate Scousewives), Newcastle (Geordie Shore) and now Valleys to generate huge profits for media firms?

Well this is your chance to do something about it, by signing our petition on  It calls on MTV to donate 5% of the profits from ‘The Valleys’ to the charity Valleys Kids.

When MTV announced that they were basing their latest ‘constructed reality’ show ‘The Valleys’ in our area, a group of us got together and formed ‘The Valleys are Here’ campaign.

We realised that the money made from ‘Geordie Shore’ helped MTV’s owners Viacom make huge profits last year, but the local area saw hardly any of this cash.  So we think it’s about time MTV showed places like Newcastle and the Valleys some respect.

That is why we are calling on MTV to donate a proportion of the profits they’re set to make from ‘The Valleys’ to local charity Valleys Kids, who are doing fantastic work supporting young people in the area.

5% of advertising profits from ‘The Valleys’ will be a drop in the ocean for MTV and Viacom, who made billions of dollars in profit last year.  However, that money could make the world of difference to the lives of young people in the area.

So we are asking you to back our call by signing this petition and sending a clear message to MTV – it’s about time you showed some respect and coughed up few quid while you’re at it.

You can sign up at – at the following address:

Then get sharing this every way you can – on Facebook or Twitter, the pub or the hairdressers!

If you know anyone who’s had enough of the Valleys being patronised by MTV, get them signed up!


11 thoughts on “THE VALLEYS 5% PETITION

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  2. The adverts of the show are a VERY true representation of young Welsh people today. I work at a holiday resort which sees 100’s of Welsh people every adult weekend. Its about time the rest of the country got to see the kind of people that we have to clean up after. Perhaps it will shame them into behaving a bit better, but probably not!!

  3. Get a life. It’s dull, crap TV but just because you don’t like it there’s no reason to demand a right to pick MTV’s pockets. It’s tantamount to blackmail, and equally shoddy.

  4. I’m unsure as to whether anything positive will come of this at all. Asking for 5% of the revenue to worthwhile causes may be fine in itself or if it was from a decent programme. Asking 5% from a programme designed to ridicule and shame the area and the nation as a whole, may just serve to give it credence and acceptance. Having seen the first episode, I’m absolutely appalled. It made me sick to my stomach. I wouldn’t want to be associated with this, in any way, shape or form. My 2p.

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  6. I hope this petition makes mtv think. They will not stop the programme so at least some good will come of it if they donate that money. Mortified at the show. Apart from poor Liam none of the characters are genuine. They just want their 5 minutes of fame. I’m ashamed to say I come from the valleys

  7. I moved to the Valleys from Cardiff some years ago and have no regrets. However I can see that the bright lights of Cardiff would appeal to some – to each his own.

    I found the first episode of “The Valleys” quite entertaining – of course as Pam says, the majority of the cast are playing up to the camera and want their 5 minutes of fame – but isn’t that true of an awful lot of people who appear on television? Of course, if the rest of the series is nothing more than “more of the same”, then it could end up being rather boring, but I’ll be watching episode 2 to see what they do next.

    I thought the little touches like the sheep rocking horse and sheep wallpaper were hilarious (does the wallpaper come in other colour combinations I wonder?) and loved the Welsh voice over over the opening disclaimer.

    Most of us will laugh at people from other places on reality TV – why are we so touchy when the participants are closer to home?

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