The Bigger Picture

Tonight we are proud to present the trailer of a documentary we are making in an effort celebrate an authentic picture of the Valleys.

Osian Williams from SSP Media will be directing the feature to be released later in the year but we hope this gives you a flavour of the people we’ll be featuring.

A huge thanks also goes to the crew made up of Key Motion Media and Carter Media, who made the thing look so slick – all for free! The words you’ll hear are taken from the late Rhymney poet Idris Davies and his seminal poem: ‘Carol for the Coalfield’.

But more important than any of this, the trailer was only made possible thanks to this wonderful group of supporters giving up their Saturday afternoon to help us out. The day was a great mix of all ages and backgrounds. Most people had never met before and we even saw a bunch of people join in at the last minute when we explained what was happening. The atmosphere was great and this brilliant group has made the trailer a cracking start to a film that will contrast wildly with the botched job done by the lovely lot at MTV.

The Valleys Are Here is getting louder every day….. Be part of the bigger picture.


One thought on “The Bigger Picture

  1. Hoping to see people from the valleys show solidarity in Pontypridd and become involved with the regeneration of the area. Especially with the news that the paddling pool is due to close.

    Was also wonderful to see our fellow derby girls from up the valleys representing females in sport, especially as Pontypridd is now a hub of excitement for roller derby with the huge success of the Ponty Pirate Derby Dames in Hawthorn. Maybe derby is the new rugby 😉

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