A Message For MTV…. from New Zealand


Below is a message a campaign supporter sent on to us from the proud owners of the Welsh Dragon Bar – New Zealand’s only Welsh pub. Their message was addressed to Wales’s First Minister after Jo & Mike Howard felt so angered at the way MTV had depicted the Valleys and Wales as a whole.

Well done Mike & Jo – good to have you on board!

If you’re ever in New Zealand, here is where you can find their piece of Wales in Wellington http://www.welshdragonbar.co.nz or follow them on twitter @WelshDragonBar

And the good news is that First Minister, Carwyn Jones has spoken out about MTV. When asked about the show he said: ‘Its ridiculous, and to tar people with the same brush is just absolutely crazy… It’s just a way to demonise people and turn them into objects of laughter’.

Jo & Mike’s message:

Dear Sir,

We are writing to you to request whether you would be able to make any comment publicly about the TV programme “Valleys”, currently being aired in New Zealand.

The Welsh community as a whole over here think that this programme is totally vulgar and very misleading about our people in Wales.

We have spent the last twenty years in New Zealand promoting & building up a great reputation of Welsh Hospitality , and after the World Cup here last year the respect for the Welsh Rugby team and supporters finally acheived a very high level.

The comments we now get from people who have seen this programme over here are totally derogatory and its unjust that it should represent such a small minority yet damage our nation as a whole.

Thank you for your attention and we hope that you may be able to support some feedback?

Kind Regards,
Jo & Mike Howard,

Owners – Welsh Dragon Bar, Wellington, New Zealand.


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