Let’s take it to the boss

We get the feeling that MTV don’t much like our campaign and that they are trying to fob off our call for them to give 5% of the profits from ‘The Valleys’ to Valleys Kids. Take a look at their letter to us below and you’ll probably get a few clues as to why…

But they should know by now, that people from the Valleys don’t get brushed aside that easy. So today we have written to Kerry Taylor (the real boss of ‘The Valleys’ show) asking her to attend a public meeting in the Valleys, to explain to real people face-to-face why MTV are too tight to donate 5% of their small fortune, to Valleys Kids.


Dear Kerry,

Thank you for your letter a while back. As you know we’ve been very busy so thanks for your patience. While we’re at it thank you for basing your PR re-launch on our campaign. It’s very flattering for a group like ours – with no funding or staff – to have a global media giant like Viacom base a show launch on us.

Anyway, last time we spoke live on the TV, we asked whether you’d give 5% of the profits from The Valleys to local charity, Valleys Kids. In your reply you used a lot of words – none of them were Yes or No.

So to clear things up we’d like to invite you to a public meeting in the Valleys to answer the 2,600 people who called for you to make the donation.

You’ve also told viewers that young people had to leave the Valleys to ‘better themselves’. Maybe we could have a chat about that bit too.

We noticed on Twitter the other day that you guys at MTV talk a lot about helping kids and ‘giving back’. So we’re offering you a great chance to put your money where your mouth is.

If you choose not to come along or get confused over another simple question, we pledge to come to MTV’s London base to debate the impact of this show on a place we are proud to call home.

Should you need directions to the Valleys please just let us know.

Can’t wait to see you!

The Valleys Are Here

Here is the reply from multimillion pound global giant Viacom, who own MTV.

MTV reply JPEG

Click the image to enlarge




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