The Valleys are Here

Right, so now we know the MTV bandwagon has rolled into the Valleys to make their new unscripted – but heavily edited – ‘reality’ TV show ‘The Valleys‘, as a follow up to ‘Geordie Shore’.  They’ve been busy tweeting and writing press releases about the area, but they don’t seem to know what they’re talking about.

In case you missed any of this, MTV has already talked about the ‘tranquility of valleys life’ and our ‘hamlet towns’. Pretty bizarre stuff, as anyone who’s spent more than 10 minutes in the area would know.

So we want to make sure that MTV doesn’t make any more slipups or give millions of people another bad image of the area.

That’s why we’ve started ”The Valleys are Here‘ campaign and website.  It’ll be fun, but at the same time give a positive picture of Valleys life – so look out for a stream of films, pictures, stories and loads more.

Life here isn’t all rosy, nobody would say that, but we’re proud of where we come from – and want everyone to know why.

Lots of people are already on board with the campaign, but we need you to help us set the record straight.

So if you want to get involved let us know.  We’re looking for volunteers to help with the campaign in any way they can – and want every Valleys person to tell us why they’re proud of where we’re from.

The Valleys are Here – be part of it!

Get in touch at: thevalleysarehere@gmail.com


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