Check out some of the brilliant pictures we’ve been sent…

Ben Gallivan

‘Valleys Gold’ from Christopher Lewis

Caerphilly in the snow from Mark Drane

God’s Little Acre by Barri Elford

We like this picture of Darran Park, Ferndale from Huw Evans. Looking incredible in the snow!


7 thoughts on “GALLERY

  1. Wales is a pretty place, well not the south Wales cities, but the rest is pretty. The people are ok as well. Trouble with Wales is that it is so poor. Apart from a few jobs in the South, some dispersed farming, not much else. I also know from having been born and raised in Wales, then living both in England and overseas, the Welsh are seen as backward. Especially by the English. Yep, it does have decent higher education, but I think the issue is with the working class. They are made to appear thick. The show, The Valleys, now being broadcast does Wales no favours, unless it sees its future like Amsterdam or Bangkok on the sex tourist trail. I am sure that this program has put off family based tourism. Again, no favours done to Wales. Pity really.

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