Feel free to give us a shout on any or all of the following:


Twitter: @valleysarehere


4 thoughts on “GET IN TOUCH

  1. Have shared your link on my fb page and hopefully a lot of people will get in touch. It is really good to have positive things said about the valleys for a change!

  2. HI polly.
    I am the treasuer of a local community group here in pontypridd, Life4Living is our community group name. We are looking for funding to purchase laptop Pc’s and a Snooker Table for the Pontypridd day centre in Yngaharad Park. We are a community group open to people of all age groups from 26 to 92 years of age. The group was initally set-up by my socail worker Melaney Jones at the RCT pontypridd disabled group, we have her permission has a community to make enquirys of of own for funding to help our group thrive given the currnent economic climate. So we can improve our lot. I believe that my group can grow & succeed a lot better with like minded supporting charitable groups within the county borough to help other groups out. If you know of any charity or someone who may be able to help us out in some way Polly, can you send us an email with their details please, Thank You.

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