Just wanted to drop a line to the cast of MTV’s ‘The Valleys’ to wish you all the best.

We think that MTV producers are using the show to promote a negative view of the Valleys, which is why we’ve set up this site. Obviously that’s not the reason you’ve taken part and we wish you good luck with the opportunities that this may give you.

The Valleys are Here has been set up to promote the positive stuff that’s happening in the Valleys – because it gets overlooked too often. MTV have talked about ‘hamlet towns’ and ‘the tranquillity of Valleys life.’ That hardly describes the Valleys, so we’re going to talk about how the place really looks.

It’d be great if you – or your family and friends – were able to stay in touch with us during the screening of the show to let us know how it’s going.

All the best!

The Valleys are Here team


7 thoughts on “MESSAGE TO THE CAST

  1. Coleg Morgannwg (Rhondda Campus) run a Pathway to Care course in conjunction with RCT which has been successful in preparing students for the World of Work, many of which now have jobs. The Valleys need more investment in this type of initiatve rather than trying to take people out of their home environment with all the problems of extended childcare and travel costs.

  2. I agree! It is a shame that we have 39000 people living in RCT yet 19000 are compelled to work in Cardiff. We have empty trading estates, yet commercial rents and rates are some of the lowest around. Inward investment to get people working locally would improve people’s work life balance, strengthen communities, and substantially improve the economy. However…. does the current Labour Council think the same way? The reality is they do not!

  3. I’m a Welshman living in Liverpool at the moment, and have unfortunately lived here long enough to suffer – and see the rest of the city suffer – Desperate Scousewives. I also know one of the cast members of the show. Obviously she was given a script to read from that not only failed to represent herself as a person, but also failed to represent any other aspect of life in Liverpool. It goes without saying that the vast majority of the people I spoke to regarding the show thought it was absolute and utter trash. They were frankly embarrassed of it, and in turn, embarrassed of their own city. As a result, there has been some public backlashing towards my friend, and she has actually had to move OUT of Liverpool as a direct result of it. The public, unaware that she had been working from a script, saw her as a daily representation of what they thought to be a complete disregard of the respect that the city deserves, and they were quite vocal towards her about it. She just thought it’d be a laugh and maybe she’d get a few years work out of it before she grew up and got a real job, and in the end she was practically driven out of her own city. So my message to the cast is this and only this: expect similar results. No one will ever thank or forgive you for what they deem to be a cheap and flaccid excuse to cash in some money in the name of disrespecting the place that they love.

  4. I live in the Rhondda and work in Cardiff simply because the jobs the valleys have to offer in the most are very low paid minimum wage jobs, I have absolutely no intention of getting a low paid job in a Rhondda housing estate with absolutely no oppurtunities going forward

  5. My message is simple “get Real”you are being exploited ,you probably think you are a “terrific” person,you are actually being portrayed as a bunch of “clowns”.I think in years to come you will cringe at this programme.

  6. I left the valleys 20 years ago (Ely valley, Tonyrefail) and have never looked back.
    I was drinking at age 12, because there is nothing in the valleys.
    When I was growing up there was no furture (Magie had started to shut the pits) and no hope for a lot of people. Not much has changed, but Cardiff the centre of the universe? If you are going to leave the valleys try the world its a big old place I know I have, (worked all over it). Get your life’s together, and do something with it, there is more to life than getting pissed.

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