Sometimes a person or project comes along and the fit with the campaign is just so perfect we think, yes!   And that’s exactly what happened when we came across BIG Click RCT.

Run out of a community centre perched on the top of Penrhys Mountain, at the heart of the Rhondda, the BIG Click RCT team are doing a fine job helping people develop new skills to make the most of computer technology.

At The Valleys are Here we’ve always said that not everything in the Valleys is rosy.  The fact that too many people are still unable to get online, so miss out on all the advantages the internet brings (like being able to visit this site) is a real shame, but it’s great that BIG Click RCT are doing something about it.

Just the other week they helped a man make contact with an army buddy he hadn’t spoken to in over 50 years.  The pair had served together in Korea then unfortunately lost touch.  But with the help of BIG Click RCT in just 30 minutes our veteran had found out that his old comrade was now in the USA, got hold of his phone number and made contact.  Brilliant! 

And as you’d expect, there’s a fair bit of this kind of work – helping older people, who grew up at a time before computers, get to grips with new technology. But actually, a huge part of what BIG Click RCT do is give working age people the chance to develop the practical skills they need to find a job, whether that be registering with job sites, downloading application forms or even uploading video CVs.

When we spoke to Ben at BIG Click RCT he told us that whilst many older people assume ‘the youth of today’ were born with a smart phone in their hand, lots of younger people actually don’t have all of the computer skills they need to get on at school or in work (although most are pretty good on Facebook).  So part of the project involves helping them to gain more experience with computers and make the best of their talents. BIG Click RCT also helps local charities and community groups improve the ways they interact with technology. 

Even though they’ve only been running since the end of 2011 they have already helped 17 organisations by developing websites, creating database and training staff. One of the other things we really love about the project is that they share their expertise with local small businesses, helping them use technology to grow.  By enabling small firms use tools like online selling and EBay they are opening up whole new markets for Valleys’ businesses, which is great.

We’d love to get BIG Click RCT more involved with the campaign, so watch this space to see if they manage to teach this young dog new tricks!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the new BIG Click RCT website:


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