RCT People First

We’ve been lucky enough to meet some pretty impressive people as part of this campaign, but few are as inspirational as the members of RCT People First.

The group is managed by its members and is all about supporting people with learning disabilities to shape the world around them by speaking up for their rights.

RCT People First also runs lots of practical projects to improve members’ skill in areas like communication, money management and job searching.  Whilst as part of a film project members have made a number of powerful short films, which you can see on the Gallery section of their website.

The members show a dedication to their group that would put many to shame. Take Philip, for example, he catches three buses, each way, just so he can see his friends and help other members at People First. Whilst David, the in-house technology expert, who also represents the group in lots of important external meetings, travels over 45 mins from Penderyn to help staff with any computer problems.  And Samantha has been busily promoting a book sale to raise vital cash.

The group is made up of over 350 members from across RCT and owes a lot to Lynne, their founder and long term volunteer. Lynne started Mid Glamorgan People First over 20 years ago, but this was disbanded due to Local Government re-organisation.  However, she kept up the hard work and helped set up RCT People First in 1996.  Her extraordinary efforts have played a vital role in making sure the group’s proud members are able to take action that makes our community fairer and better for everyone.

The sad news is that the group are suffering from a lack of money at the moment and have had to close their youth service.

RCT People First supports an amazing group who are determined that disability should never hold anyone back and we think that deserves all of our support. So visit the RCT People First website to find out more and, if you can, part with a few quid – it would go a long way.

As with all OUR STORIES so far, here is a group of committed people doing the Valleys proud. We’re delighted to have them onboard!


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