There Is More To (TIMTO)

As OUR STORIES are starting to show, there is more to the Valleys than MTV are willing to point their cameras at. One of the great recent stories is of TIMTO; a business that helps you celebrate special occasions with a charity twist.

This social enterprise, which began in Abercynon, encourages family and friends to get together with a gift list that includes a donation for your chosen charity. It’s a simple but ingenious idea. We’ve all received (and probably given) unwanted gifts at some point, especially at children’s parties. It’s often a waste of money and nobody really wins. In fact about £2bn is wasted every year on presents that end up in the attic.

But TIMTO has found a way around it. With them, you can arrange a gift list of the stuff you know that person wants and you then ask for a small donation to be added to a chosen charity. This way, you get better gifts and the feel good factor of giving to charity. TIMTO organise the gift lists and donations on a ‘party page’ and even help with RSVPs to make the whole thing easier.

It’s a classic ‘Why didn’t I think of that idea’ that’s out there to help worthy causes.  TIMTO’s co-founder Nathan Cornish told us why he’s proud of business’ valleys roots:  ‘there’s great sense of community and a passion to help others here’ he said.  Nathan also told us that he relied on ‘a talented pool of people to build the business with good connections to universities and transport.’

With a move to Caerphilly underway, TIMTO is about to launch across the UK with a range of high profile charities including Macmillan Cancer Support and the children’s charity, Variety as well as a host of welsh charities

This award winning charity minded business has a bright future and we’re proud to promote them at The Valleys Are Here. For us, the name sums it up: There Is More To. There is more to celebrating than presents and cash alone and there is definitely more to the Valleys than meets the eye.

MTV producers, take note.


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